RVSiteBuilder Installation for cPanel server

1. If RVSkin has been installed on your server it should be updated for RVSkin to Version 6.75 or upper versions. (Skip this step if no RVSkin has been installed).
perl /root/rvadmin/auto_rvskin.pl
2. After receiving the license confirmation,please set SSH to your cPanel server as root,and download an installer using below command :
cd /usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/docroot/cgi/
rm -rf /usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/docroot/cgi/rvsitebuilderinstaller/
rm -f rvsitebuilderinstaller.tar
wget http://download.rvglobalsoft.com/rvsitebuilderinstaller.tar
tar -xvf rvsitebuilderinstaller.tar
chmod 755 addon_rvsitebuilder.cgi
rm -f rvsitebuilderinstaller.tar
3. Open root WHM, at the bottom of menu on the left side where is under Plugins section, you will find RVSiteBuilder Installer menu.
4. Click RVSiteBuilder Installer to begin installation process.
5. After completing installation, you will be linked to RVSiteBuilder Manager automatically. Please configure RV SiteBuilder immediately.
6. Done!! Your cPanel should show RVSiteBuilder as a feature in all cPanel users. Special note for specific cPanel skin:
  • RVSkin - It will automatically switch RVSiteBuilder to RVSkin.You may require editing the Package-Feature List if RV Site Builder doesn't show up or you don't require some hosting packages access.
  • X Skin and some which support AddOn application - It will be automatically displayed on cPanel.Also you will be to manage the feature list in WHM Feature Manager.
  • CPSkins - Upgrade RVSiteBuilder to Version 1.07 or upper versions.You have to manually integrate it by editing file /usr/local/cpanel/base/frontend/themename/index.html.Insert 

    which  is on the top of the page and also you edit /usr/local/cpanel/base/frontend/themename/main.php. Place 


    in the area you would like to show RVSiteBuilder Icon. Do not edit file RVS2CPSkinmenu.html.Your change will be lost when you update RVSiteBuilder. If you would like to edit it you can copy it to another new file, rename and change the cPanel including path to the new one.
Installation Trouble Shooting
Cannot find RVSiteBuilder Installer
Please close all WHM and open it again.
Cannot find RVSiteBuilder Manager
Please close all WHM and open it again.
Cannot connect to DB, check your credentials, exiting .....
Sorry your request can not be processed now.Please contact your service provider. .
If you deploy local MySQL, please go to WHM / MySQL Services / MySQL Root Password and then enter the random password.You don't need to remember it.Then, please try to install again.If it still fails, you are suggested to restarting MySQL.If you deploy remote MySQL, please ensure the database name, database user and its combination are correct.And also, please make sure that your server has a privilege for an access to remote MySQL.
Cannot find RVSiteBuilder in user's cPanel X skin
Go to WHM / Packages / Feature Manager and edit "default" Features List. And activate RVSiteBuilder.
Cannot find RVSiteBuilder in user's cPanel RVSkin
Go to WHM / Add-ons / RVSkin Manager / Integration / WHM Add On Modules. Activate RVSiteBuilder. Then,   go to 'Package-Feature Manager' and enable RVSiteBuilder in the feature lists as appropriate.
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